Linköping Go Club

Linköping Go Club was formed in 1992 and has about 10-15 members. We meet Thursdays 17:00 in the new Student House at the university.

For more information, contact:

Erik Ouchterlony
Phone: 073-781 40 69

Erik Bråmå
Phone: 070-079 49 06


Due to the pandemic, we are having the club meetings online for now. We play in the Swedish Room (svenska rummet) in KGS and chat in the discord channel "Svenska Gospelare".

The Swedish Championships was planned to be played in May 2020, but is now being postponed to the autumn.

About the game of Go

Go is a fascinating board game with a history of a few thousands of years. The rules are easy to learn, but very difficult to master. Below are some useful resources:

The most popular servers to play Go on the internet are KGS, Pandanet, OGS, Fox, WBaduk.
For slower paced games, have a look at dragon go server.

Tournament results

Linköping Open was arranged yearly since between 1991 and 2011.

Results from Swedish go tournaments.

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