Linköping Go Club

Linköping Go Club was formed in 1992 and has about 10-15 members. We meet Thursdays 17:00 at the restaurant in house Zenit at the university.

For the latest info, check the mailing list.

For more information, contact:

Erik Ouchterlony
Phone: 073-781 40 69

Erik Bråmå
Phone: 070-079 49 06

Jasper Germeys
Phone: 073-626 67 15

About the game go Go

Go is a fascinating board game with a history of a few thousands of years. The rules are easy to learn, but very difficult to master. Below are some useful resources:

The most popular servers to play Go on the internet are KGS, IGS, Tygem, and WBaduk.
For slower paced games, have a look at dragon go server.

Tournament results

Linköping Open has been arranged yearly since 1991.

Results from Swedish go tournaments.

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